One of the most remarkable woman I have the privilege to call friend Catherine Eden photographed for the friends project. A 17 year friendship and conversation filled with beauty, kindness, wisdom, insight, joy, laughter, sadness, respect, chicken broccoli and Love. All the ingredients needed for witnessing the journey.  A writer and teacher of words who inspires and transforms.


As part of my friends project I would like to introduce Riana a.k.a Mavis Vermaak. Talented musician, writer and artist with a beautiful fearless spirit. She speaks her language of truth clearly and confronts life’s challenges head-on growing stronger and brighter.




I am doing a personal project on my friends – my people. Collette is the first in the series.

She is one of those rare people that shares her true beauty from within. She brings smiles, joy and an attentive ear to every encounter. People from all walks of life adore her and for good reason. She will ask “how are you?” and mean it. Behind the smile is a razor sharp mind and a deep understanding of the complexities that life can bring.